Query and compare

With Polliebox you can help students observe their world. As a lesson starter or as input for a discussion.

The queries enable students to map their world. Whether it’s their living environment (home, school and personal activities) or the wider society.

Unique to Polliebox is the immediate comparison with peers elsewhere. Students can thus view their world in perspective. Which similarities and differences do they see? Polliebox, an accumulating set of results, is built by all participating classes.

Privacy guaranteed

Students should feel safe in your class. And your school needs to be sure we are not tracking or storing information of individual students. We guarantee this in a number of ways.

A student doesn’t need an account. Answers are anonymous, without any personal information. The answers are stored per question, not per student. Thus, we cannot see which set of answers are given by one student.

Only students and you can see the summed results of their class. Other students nor visitors of Polliebox website can. They can only view results at city level or higher.

If you want to use Polliebox as a teacher, an account is needed. We ask your name, the name of your school and your email address. We are not sharing this information with third parties. Our newsletter is optional.


The data shown in Polliebox (aggregated at municipality level or higher) can be used as open data, with attribution.

The website, name and database of Polliebox and copyright for those items are owned by Mapping Worlds (Amsterdam, Netherlands).


Please contact us with any questions about Polliebox.  Polliebox is a project by Mapping Worlds.

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Director Mapping Worlds, teacher

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