Make a pollie

A pollie is a set of questions you submit to your students. You can make a pollie in two ways.

  1. You can select the questions from Polliebox. Log in and select your class. Then go to ‘Your pollies’ and check the questions of your liking,
  2. You can use a ‘pre-set’, a suggested selection. Go to ‘Pre-sets’ to see if one is useful for you. Log in, select your class and go to ‘Select a pre-set’. Tou can either directly send this pollie to your class, or remove and add other questions. Handy and fast, esp. if you would like to send the same pollie to different classes.

The next step is to send your students the link that belongs to your new pollie. Students open the link on their phone or computer, answer each questions and submit their answers. The results are added to Polliebox right away.

View the results

You and your students can view the results immediately on screen. The results are always class totals or averages, never on individual level (see Privacy). You can compare results with aggregated totals in Polliebox.

Only students that have received the link to the pollie can view the class results. Other visitors of Polliebox only see the aggregated results at municipality level or higher. Classes or schools cannot compare themselves.

Answers as seen by students that replied to the pollie.

Visitors of Polliebox can view and filter the results at geographical level (local, regional, country), age bracket or school year.


Answers as seen by visitors of Polliebox.com.

Add you own questions?

Please submit to us questions or presets you would like to add. We are keen on expanding the set with questions suggested to us by teachers.